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Our backs go through a lot of strain throughout the day.  Whether we are performing everyday tasks around the house, sleeping improperly, or exercising, we are under a decent amount of stress. Factor in things like poor posture, poorly designed chairs and improper lifting techniques and you can appreciate how much our backs go through daily.   Because of this, low back pain is increasingly more common among people of all demographics.  Though many factors determine how severe your low back pain will get, there are many ways to manage the pain head-on and address it at the source. Regardless, if you are experiencing sporadic or constant low back pain, if you feel your low back pain has gotten worse, or there are deeper underlying issues, Shragher Chiropractic Center has the experience to perform a complete evaluation, perform spinal adjustments and manipulations that provide relief for our clients from pain in a natural, drug free manner.

In addition to low back adjustments, Shragher Chiropractic Center can provide the following services to our patients…

  • Shoulder Pain (sprains, strains, rotator cuff, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, etc.)
  • Knee Pain
  • and more!