The Best!

I was having shoulder pain which had been bothering me for at least a year. After seeing an orthopedic doctor I still was feeling the discomfort. i decided to visit Shragher chiropractic. Dr. Marc took me in and examined me, showing me what was wrong, and sompletely described all of the causes and proocedures I needed to perform to be healed. He made it so easy to understand. Immediately after exercising as instructed I felt better and was able to mave my shoulder with less pain ???? I live an hour away from his location, trust me, IT IS WORTH IT!! I couldn’t have asked for a clearer and thorough solution. He works with you, whatever the situation. I would recommend anyone to schedule an appointment immediately. Just remember, as Dr. Marc would always say to me “At the end of the day, It’s YOUR BODY.”

Nate Smith

0 to 60 in one visit

Dr. Marc is awesome! Best chiroprator in bucks county!!


Fixed Problem Quickly

I started seeing Dr. Shragher about 3 weeks ago for ongoing neck pain and inability to turn my neck to the side. After 2 weeks of treatment including an exercise program, my neck has almost completely returned to normal. I can’t thank him enough for his quick and effective treatment. I regret that I didn’t go to see him sooner and spent many months in pain. I would highly recommend him.


Sports Related Injuries

Dr Marc has helped me learn more about back care and ways to avoid sports related injuries. His treatment plans have worked wonders for me. He really takes the time to discuss each step of the treatment strategy along the way. I would recommend his care to anyone in need of relief.

Nick O.

The Best

Dr S is a caring, compassionate, knowledgeable chiropractor! He treats the whole person…both physically and also by giving emotional support and building confidence throughout the process. I look forward to my visits!


A Passionate, Caring Chiropractor Focused on Healing and Wellness

Finding a quality chiropractor is tough. Luckily Marc Shragher and his practice help me live a functional life even though I am faced with scary and painful conditions. I suffer from conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome and disc degenerative disease. As a result, I face high anxiety and severe depression. Marc has only ever treated me with a sensitivity and kindness that you wish all medical professionals to exhibit. He explains his methods and constantly asks for feedback on his effectiveness. His care has always reassured me and his flexible hours make him angel. I thank Marc everyday for making my life better.

J.T. Reeder

I Recommend Dr. Marc to my Patients

I have been referring my patients to Dr. Marc for over 10 years. He effectively treats their condition, and genuinely cares about their well-being. I recommend him to anyone who needs quality care delivered by a compassionate doctor.

Louis J. Gringeri, D.O.

Sincere and caring

Marc is constantly looking into new and better ways to treat his patients.

Barb W.

Fantastic Chiropractor


Always makes time when me or my family have a problem. Takes time to find root of the problem. Keep up the good work!

Jeff P.